March 2023

How The Equity In Her Car Helped Her Buy Rentals With Amy Rogers (Episode 409)

February 2023

Investing Out Of State For Better Cash Flow With Vessi Kapoulian (Episode 408)

His Rental Income Helped Him Survive Getting Laid Off With Walter Jones (Episode 407)

The Power Of Financing Rentals With A HELOC With Mike Sullivan (Ep 406)

Creating Generational Wealth With Rentals With Jarrod Whitaker (Ep 405)

January 2023

His BRRRR Went Bad. Here’s What He Learned With Marky Suazo (Episode 404)

How A Partner Helped Him Fund A Rental Purchase With Greg Ross (Episode 403)

Investing In Rentals Was The Best Decision I Ever Made With David Muselman (Episode 402)

From Newby To Making $15k/Month From His Rentals With Kyle Root (Episode 401)

The Good And Bad Of Owning Rentals With Jesse Beynon (Episode 400)

December 2022

Best Landlord Interviews Of 2022 (Episode 399)

Flipping Cheap Rentals To Buy Better Ones With Nick Wood (Episode 398)

New Construction Rentals With Carey Smothermon (Episode 397)

Buying Cheap Rentals Almost Bankrupted Him. Here’s How He Got Rich With Pat Grace (Episode 396)

November 2022

Turning Houses Into 3 Bedroom Suites To Maximize Cash Flow With Brian Grimes (Episode 395)

How A Partner Helps Him Fund Rental Purchases With Tyler Lingle (Episode 394)

How Buying “Boring” Rentals Led Her To Financial Freedom With Elaine Stageberg (Episode 393)

How Much Money He Makes With Medium Term Rentals With Daniel Saravia (Episode 392)

Is This Landlord Making 3 Big Mistakes? With Logan Kohn (Episode 391)

October 2022

How He Went From No Money To A Free And Clear Rental Portfolio With Larry Myer (Episode 390)

How He Found An Incredible Deal On An Auction Website With Jake (Episode 389)

How He Reached Level 1 Financial Freedom With His Rentals With Nick DiNicola (Episode 388)

Investing In Cheap Rentals In A Small Town With Tom McGreevy (Episode 387)

September 2022

How A Group Of Friends Are Building A Rental Portfolio With Kori Covrigaru (Episode 386)

He had two rental deals go bad – Here’s what he learned with Gabriel Johnson (Ep 384)

August 2022

Here’s How He Found A Rental With Positive Cash Flow With Zach Cray (Ep 381)

How Much Money He Nets With A Truly Passive Rental Portfolio With Marvin Mitchell (Ep 380)

How Owning Rental Properties Gave Him Freedom & Flexibility With Joe Mease (Ep 379)

How He Buys Rentals While Working Full-Time With Michael Henry (Ep 378)

July 2022

How A Small Rental Portfolio Covers 75% Of His Living Expenses With Pravin Taneja (Ep 376)

Coaching Call: Lender Helps An Investor Go From $5K to $10K/month In Rental Income With Caeli Ridge & Tina

Does It Make Sense To Buy A Rental In An Expensive Area With Farris Gosea (Episode 375)

He Went From 2 To 77 Rentals. Here’s How Much Money They Generate With Tom Merrifield (Episode 374)

June 2022

Long-Distance Rental Investing (Turnkey & BRRRR) With Marky Suazo (Episode 372)

Bonus: Is This A Bad Time To Invest In A Rental?

4 Small Steps To Financial Independence From A Small Rental Portfolio With Brandon Neiss (Episode 371)

Buying Rentals With A HELOC And Then Paying Them Off With Terry Roberts (Episode 370)

May 2022

How A Pizza Delivery Guy Made Millions Owning Rentals With Dakota Worrell (Ep 369)

How She Replaced Her W-2 Income With Rental Income With Natasha Verela (Ep 368)

How They Went From $1,500 to $15,000/Month In Rental Income With KC & Kaysie Massie (Ep 367)

Her Rental Lost Money At First. Now It Nets $2K A Month With Heidi Rau (Episode 366)

How He Generates $70K In Rental Income While Living In An Expensive Area With Alan Larsen (Episode 365)

April 2022

His Rentals Pay All Of His Bills And He Saves All Of His Job Income With Greg Gaudet (Episode 364)

He Bought His First Rental. Did He Get A Good Deal? With David Jennings (Episode 363)

The Low-Risk Rental Property Retirement Plan With Don Petrasek (Episode 362)

How He Went From Broke To $15K in Rental Income With Matt Amabile (Episode 361)

March 2022

Building Wealth With A Small Rental Portfolio With Alex Daredia (Episode 360)

The Downside Of Investing In Rentals With Patrick Gillan (Episode 359)

How He Generates $300k A Year With One Airbnb With Jeff Brown (Episode 358)

The 5 Ways You Get Paid Owning Rentals With Carlo Finotti (Episode 357)

He Used The Equity In His Home To Buy Rentals That Generate $27K/Month With Philip Petrie (Episode 356)

February 2022

Turning A Primary Residence Into A Rental With Kein Ha (Episode 355)

How Rentals Gave Him The Freedom To Live Life On His Terms With Adrian Pannozzo (Episode 354)

Are New Construction Rentals A Good Investment? With Zach Hjornevik (Ep 353)

How He Nets $3K Per Month Using The BRRRR Strategy With Paul Singer (Ep 352)

January 2022

How He’s Finding Incredible Deals On Rental Properties In This Market With Bill Kenny (Ep 351)

The 1% Rule Doesn’t Matter With Chris Fontenot (Ep 350)

A Step-By-Step Plan To Earn $10,000/month In Rental Income With Joel Miller (Ep 349)

How Much Extra Money Can You Make With An ADU? (Additional Dwelling Unit) With Michael Dominguez (Ep 348)

December 2021

Best Landlord Interviews of 2021 (Ep 347)

Financial Freedom From Rental Properties Is Closer Than You Think With David Olds (Ep 346)

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back From Buying Rentals With Sean Haardt (Ep 345)

His Secret To Increase His Cash Flow With Michael McConnell (Ep 344)

November 2021

How He Lived For Free And Made $70,000 With A House Hack With Aaron Millis (Ep 343)

His Rental Income Covers All His Living Expenses With Dave Holman (Ep 342)

Bonus: These Cheap Upgrades Will Make Your Rental More Profitable

Investing In Simple, Move-In Ready Rentals With Zach Kennedy (Ep 341)

Bonus: His Tenant Died. Here’s What This Landlord Did & What An Attorney Says You Need To Do

How He Paid Off A Few Rentals To Fund His Retirement With Tom Clark (Ep 340)

Is The 1% Rule Dead With John Brooks (Ep 339)

October 2021

Bonus: BRRRR Case Study With Dominic Kosteris

Here’s How Much Money He’s Making With 8 Rentals With Bryan Bokowy (Ep 337)

Investing In Rentals When You Live In An Expensive Area With Josh Bast (Ep 336)

Bonus: How To Find The Perfect Tenant

September 2021

Building A Rental Portfolio Is Like Building A Business With Kori Covrigaru (Ep 334)

How He’s Growing His Rental Portfolio With A Partner With Farris Gosea (Ep 332)

Bonus: Can Rentals Help You Save Money On State Taxes? Do LLC’s Cut Your Tax Bill?

How He Built Enough Rental Income To Quit His Job With Quentin DSouza (Episode 331)

August 2021

How He Increased His Cash Flow From $300 to $1,200/Month With A 1031 Exchange With Eric Girard (Episode 330)

Rentals Are Really Just A Simple Math Problem With Anthony Russell (Episode 329)

Building A Big Rental Portfolio Is A Mistake With Ramon Huerta (Episode 328)

Using Other People’s Money To Buy Rentals With Corey & Bethany Wendland (Ep 327)

How A Small Rental Portfolio Pays For Half Of His Living Expenses With Mekkel Blanchard (Ep 326)

July 2021

The Rental Property Retirement Plan With Steve Goldberg (Ep 325)

She Wanted To Buy Rentals, But Her Husband Didn’t. Here’s How She Changed His Mind With Natasha Carroll (Ep 324)

Comparing Cash Flow: Long-Term Rentals Vs Airbnb Vs Traveling Nurses With Daniel Johnson (Episode 323)

How He Went From No Money And No Real Estate Experience To Owning 81 Rentals With Doug Benson (Episode 322)

June 2021

How This Couple Nets $15K A Month With Their Rentals With KC & Kaysie Massie (Episode 321)

How A Newer Investor Went From $0 – $1,100 In Rental Income With Jesse Beynon (Episode 320)

His Step-By-Step Process For A Profitable Rental Property With Larry Myer (Episode 319)

She’s A Stay-At-Home Mom Because She Bought A Few Rentals With Casey Franchini (Episode 318)

He’s Been Investing In Rentals For 40 Years – Here’s What He’s Learned With Carl Fisher (Episode 317)

May 2021

Buying Rentals While Working Full-Time With Nick Balzano (Episode 316)

6 Mistakes He Made As A Landlord With Isaac Barrow (Episode 315)

Bonus: Is Inflation Good Or Bad For Real Estate Investors

She Built 2 Rental Portfolios – One For Cash Flow & One For Appreciation With Tiffany Dumond (Episode 314)

How To Net $5K A Month In Rental Income (Without A Lot Of Risk) With David Stafford (Episode 313)

April 2021

Bonus: Buying Rentals With Creative Financing

His Rentals Were A Nightmare Until He Started Doing This…..With Brad Spencer (Episode 312)

Incredible Cash Flow With Cheap Rentals With Michelle Cummings (Episode 311)

Bonus: Are College Rentals A Good Investment?

How He Retired Off Rental Income With Jay Redding (Episode 310)

From No Money To An (Almost) Paid Off Rental Portfolio With Mike Bryant (Episode 309)

March 2021

Our Rentals Are Buying Us More Rentals With Will & Veronica Pritchett (Episode 308)

His Blueprint To Net $10K A Month With Rentals WIth John Morgan (Ep 307)

Bonus: How To Automate Property Management With Bill And Kristy Copeland

Comparing Owning Long-Term Rentals And Airbnb’s With Rob Mehta (Ep 306)

His Simple Strategy to Pay Off His Rentals With Rich Levine (Ep 305)

Bonus: How To Buy A House With A Credit Card

Meet The School Teacher With 46 Rentals With Dom (Ep 304)

February 2021

Building Multiple Streams Of Income For Retirement With Chris Desarro (Ep 303)

Bonus: How To Get Approved For A Mortgage Today With Caeli Ridge

His Plan For Financial Freedom With A Small Rental Portfolio With Nick Zimmerman (Episode 302)

Bonus: How An Investor Friendly Agent Can Help You Buy Rentals With Adee Weismark

Setting Up Systems To Easily Manage Rentals With Eric Helbock (Ep 301)

Buying Rentals For Cash Flow And Appreciation With Ashley Wade (Ep 300)

January 2021

Buying Rentals With No Money Using The BRRRR Strategy With Brady Myers (Ep 299)

How To Make Your Rentals More Profitable With Lee Blackburn (Episode 298)

How He Went From $0 – $15K Net Monthly Rental Income With Farris Gosea (Episode 297)

He Had A Really Bad Start Buying Rentals. Here’s How He Turned Things Around With David Haberfeld (Episode 296)

December 2020

Best Landlord Interviews Of 2020 (Episode 295)

How Much Rental Income Can You Make Off 8 Rentals? With Brian Heron (Ep 294)

How He Retired Off Rental Income In 5 Years With Daniel Harvey (Episode 293)

Should You Diversify Your Rental Portfolio? 3 Landlords Debate (Episode 292)

This Business Plan Helps Him Make $500/Month Per Rental With Matt McCurdy (Episode 291)

November 2020

Multiple Tenants Stopped Paying Rent At The Same Time – Here’s How He Turned Things Around With Anton Ivanov (Episode 290)

7 Laws To Make More Money With Your Rentals With Dean Savarino (Episode 289)

Meet The Father And Son That Are Buying Rentals Together With Chris & Gerrit Bruni (Episode 288)

Properties Got Too Expensive – Here’s How He Kept Buying Rentals With James Ledbetter (Episode 287)

October 2020

How Much Money Can You Make Renting To Traveling Nurses? With Chris Kelly (Episode 286)

Why He Sold His Rentals With Ken Brown (Episode 285)

4 Ways He Makes Extra Money To Buy Rentals With Zack Bobo (Episode 284)

From No Money To Financial Independence From Rentals With David Grabiner (Episode 283)

September 2020

Here’s What He Learned Buying His First Two Rentals With Jeremy Airello (Episode 282)

How To Make Your Rentals More Passive With Ron Faraci (Episode 281)

The 1% Rule Doesn’t Exist In His Area – Here’s How He’s Making Money With His Rentals With Matthew Crawford (Episode 280)

How A Small Rental Portfolio Paid For Her To Travel The World With Tiffany Green (Episode 279)

Bonus: Update On Mortgage Rates & New Mortgage Tax

Managing Your Own Rentals Is A Really Bad Idea With Jennings Smith (Episode 278)

August 2020

The Old School Get Rich Slow With Rentals Program With Joel Miller (Episode 277)

This Landlord Needs Some Help – Let’s See If We Can Help Her (Episode 276)

Is It A Good Idea To Cash Out Your 401(k) To Buy Rentals? Meet The Guy Who’s Happy He Did It With Heman Chand (Episode 275)

His Simple Formula To Make $1 Million With Rental Properties With Marcus Auerbach (Episode 274)

July 2020

A Few Thousand Dollars To 7 Rentals That Pay All Her Living Expenses With Amanda Young (Episode 273)

Can You Really Make Money With Turnkey Rentals? With Joe DiSanto (Episode 272)

He Did A BRRRR On A Small Apartment Building (And Increased Cash Flow $11K/Month) With John Warren (Episode 271)

How She Retired Off Rental Income In Her 30’s With Ann Belter (Episode 270)

June 2020

How To Build Wealth With A 1031 Exchange With Brendan Lewis (Episode 269)

How To Make Big Returns Renting Cheap Houses With Larry Myer (Episode 268)

How This Couple Went From 0 – 6 Rentals With Darrell Cole & Ana Duarte (Episode 267)

He Thinks He Made A Big Mistake Buying Rentals With Cash With Chris Hadelman (Episode 266)

How To Make More Money From Your Rentals (Episode 265)

May 2020

How He Built A Rental Snowball That Buys Him More Rentals With Edwin “Stick” Dissosway (Episode 264)

The No Debt Rental Investing Plan With John (Episode 263)

How They Make Double The Rent (With A 5 Year Lease) With Randy & Jana Hubbs (Episode 262)

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Rentals With Jens Nielsen (Episode 261)

April 2020

How He Went From Broke To $20,000 In Rental Income With John Soforioc (Episode 260)

Bonus: The Ugly Truth About Mortgage Forbearance

Will Jobless Tenants Pay Rent? Four Landlords Share Their Experience (Episode 259)

How He Replaced His Job Income With A Small Rental Portfolio With Chris Cucchiara (Episode 258)

How He Bought 11 Rentals Without Having A High Paying Job With Andy Samuelson (Episode 257)

March 2020

His Rental Income Pays All His Living Expenses And He Saves 100% Of His Job Income With Matt Lenza (Episode 256)

He Survived (And Profited) During The Last 2 Recessions – Here’s What He’s Doing Now With Jason Pero (Episode 255)

How Coronavirus Is Changing Things For Landlords With Fleming Schutrumpf (Episode 254)

Analyzing His First Rental Property With Tucker Cummings (Episode 253)

The Formula For Buying The Perfect Rental With Pam Brantley (Episode 252)

February 2020

The Pros And Cons Of Section 8 Rentals With Rich Hudec (Episode 251)

He Bought Really Cheap Rentals In A Bad Area – Here’s What Happened Next With Chase Keller (Episode 250)

How He Easily Manages Rentals With A Full-Time Job, And A Family (Episode 249)

He Got Laid Off And Replaced His Income With A Small Rental Portfolio (Episode 248)

January 2020

The Dave Ramsey Debt-Free Investing Plan With Brad Spencer (Episode 247)

Rental Investing In A High-Cost Area With Michael Pinter (Episode 246)

Why He’s Been Selling His Rentals With Isaac Barrow (Episode 245)

He Refused To Give Up When Owning Real Estate Got Tough With Chris Hake (Episode 244)

December 2019

Best Landlord Interviews Of 2019 (Episode 243)

Securing Her Future With 5 Rentals (Episode 242)

Buying Rentals For Cash Flow And Appreciation With Jared Smith (Episode 241)

His Plan To Own 15 Rentals Free And Clear With Chris Egan (Episode 240)

His System To Buy & Manage Rentals From Out Of Town With Eric Judge (Episode 239)

November 2019

Her Easy And Low-Risk Plan To Buy Rentals With Corey Milner (Episode 238)

How To “Bulletproof” Your Rental Portfolio With Leon McCray (Episode237)

Bonus: How To Get Approved For An Investment Loan With Caeli Ridge

This Couple Did 2 House Hacks, Now The Wife Doesn’t Need To Work With Grayson & Danielle Gist (Episode 236)

Buying Rentals With No Money Using The BRRRR Strategy With Darren Hoefgen (Episode 235)

October 2019

How Rentals Gave Her The Freedom To Not Have A Full-Time Job With Jennifer McQuerrey (Episode 234)

His Secrets To Getting Great Tenants That Pay Higher Rent With Kevin Cross (Episode 233)

9 Tips To Make More Money From Your Rentals With Mike Connolly (Episode 232)

From Broke To Living Off Rental Income (In An Expensive Area) With Rennie Gabriel (Episode 231)

Lessons Learned From 40 Years As A Real Estate Investor With Randy Hubbs (Episode 230)

September 2019

He Figured Out How To Make Renting Condos Profitable With Steve Goldberg (Episode 229)

He Made These Simple Changes When Buying Rentals And Became A Millionaire With Rob Chevez (Episode 228)

How He Easily Manages His Rentals While Working Full-Time With Brad Spencer (Episode 227)

From $0 – $2,300/month in Rental Income In One Year With Marlon Alexander (Episode 226)

August 2019

How To Buy Rentals Below Market Value With Kayla Huiras (Episode 225)

How He Buys Rentals With Cash With Steve Lovett (Episode 224)

How An Average Guy Replaced His Job Income With Rental Income With Mike Grams (Episode 223)

He’s Selling His Portfolio And Starting Over With Kirby Atwell (Episode 222)

July 2019

The Dangers Of Buying A TurnKey Rental (Episode 221)

He Kept Moving And Turning His Old Houses Into Rentals With Nathan Miller (Episode 220)

How A New Investor Got Started With Mobile Homes With Kamren Stowers (Episode 219)

You Don’t Need A Huge Rental Portfolio For Financial Independence With Rich Hudec (Episode 218)

Buying College Rentals With A Partner With CJ Moss (Episode 217)

June 2019

He Went From A Waiter To Owning 60 Rentals Free And Clear With Mike McCann (Episode 216)

How They Plan To Retire Off Rental Income (Episode 215)

A New Creative Way To Finance Rentals With Caeli Ridge (Episode 214)

His Career Was Cut Short. How He Lives Off Rental Income With Josh Caldwell (Ep 213)

May 2019

This Landlord Makes Twice The Money Renting By The Room With Ryan Deasy (Episode 212)

How Buying 2 Rentals Changed His Life Forever With Peter Stewart (Episode 211)

How This Couple Made $1 Million From Their Rentals With Tim And Crystal Shiner (Episode 210)

His Simple, Old School Way To Buy Rentals With Alex Daredia (Episode 209)

April 2019

The Secret To Buying Rentals With A Partner (Episode 208)

He’s Taking Grant Cardone’s Advice – Buying Rentals, And Renting Himself With Steve Torti (Episode 207)

Why Your Rental Must Cash Flow (A Lesson From The Last Crash) With Caeli Ridge (Episode 206)

His Early Retirement Plan Makes Him $100k A Year With Anton Ivanov (Episode 205)

Does It Make Sense To Buy A Rental In An IRA? Two Landlords Debate (Episode 204)

March 2019

How He Got Started In Rentals With No Money Or Credit With Nick Beveridge (Episode 203)

Analyzing A Rental Property Deal With Andrew Syrios (Episode 202)

This Landlord Retired In His 30’s With A Simple Strategy With Jason Pero (Episode 201)

Why We Sold 2 Rentals With Dan & Suzanne Lane (Episode 200)

February 2019

His Rental Income Covers 50% Of His Monthly Living Expenses With Marc Santos (Episode 199)

How He Makes $6,000 A Month Profit With Only 2 Rentals With Brandon Corkins (Episode 198)

How Many Rentals Do You Really Need For Financial Independence With Cory Binsfeld (Episode 196)

January 2019

He Lost His Rentals When He Got Divorced, So He Built A New Portfolio With Scott Sklare (Episode 195)

How He Got A FREE rental with Rich Levine (Episode 194)

Her Simple Strategy To Save For Down Payments With Jo Gerrior (Episode 193)

Turning A Single-Family Rental Into A Hostel With Alina Gavrila and Joe Do (Episode 192)

December 2018

3 Tools He Uses To Automate His Property Management With Jeff Copeland (Episode 191)

Renting Rooms To College Students With Tiffany Alexy (Episode 190)

November 2018

Hiring A Property Manager Vs Self-Managing Rentals With Matt Faircloth (Episode 189)

He Bought His First Rental By Applying What He Learned On This Podcast With Brian Heron (Episode 188)

How This Couple Went From 0 To 11 Rentals With Will And Veronica Pritchett (Episode 187)

He House Hacked Twice, Now He Lives For Free (Without House Hacking) With Jim Murray (Episode 186)

October 2018

From House Hacking To $200K In Rental Income While Working Full-Time With Joel Towner (Ep 185)

He Went From $0 To 6 Figures In Rental Income In 4 Years With Luis Quintanilla {Ep 184)

He’s Half Dave Ramsey And Half Robert Kiyosaki with Andrew Fidler (Episode 183)

Why He Sold All Of His Rentals With Brian Dinkel (Episode 182)

Building A Rental Portfolio Without Mortgages With John (Episode 181)

September 2018

He Survived An Eviction & His Tenants Flooding His Rental with Justin Fraser (Episode 180)

He Moved To A New City To Buy Rentals With Pete Barrow (Episode 179)

A Newer Landlord Getting Off To A Great Start With Ben Mizes (Episode 178)

How He Built A Large Portfolio In Just 3 Years (While Working FT) With Ian Reeves (Episode 177)

August 2018

He Got Laid Off And Realized It’s Dangerous Having Only One Source Of Income With Andrew Petroline (Episode 176)

Buying Rentals Without Banks & His Tenant Stopped Paying Rent With Cristhian Huamani (Episode 175)

How A House Hack Snowballed Into Tons Of Cash Flow And Equity With Theo Jones (Episode 174)

He Might Lose His Pension, So He Created His Own With Rentals With Ian Horowitz (Episode 173)

July 2018

The Worst Case Scenario Happened To His Rentals, And He Survived With Jason Downing (Episode 172)

He Bought Rentals To Pay His Student Loans With Mike O’Dell (Episode 171)

Building A Rental Portfolio With Creative Financing With Austin Miller (Episode 170)

He Retired Off Rental Income With Cory Fawcett (Episode 169)

He Made A Few Mistakes And Lost Thousands Of Dollars With HIs Rental With Jason Bangerter (Episode 168)

June 2018

The Big Mistake Landlords Make When They Self-Manage With Rick Sein (Episode 167)

How He Found Profitable Rentals Living In An Expensive Market with Chris Ressa (Episode 166)

How A New Investor Got His First Deal With Jerry Ellis (Episode 165)

How He Bought 7 Properties In His First Year (With Just A Little Money) With Will Mitchell (Episode 164)

The “Great Deal” She Found Was A Former Meth House With Margaret (Ep 163)

His Tenants Sued Him, But He Still Loves Rentals With Jaspreet Singh (Episode 162)

How He Got Started With No Money Or Credit With Troy Gandee (Episode 161)

How They Remotely Manage Rentals In Canada While Living In The US With Cliff And Minna (Episode 160)

May 2018

Bonus: What You Need To Know About Landlord Insurance With Shawn Woedl

He Made One Huge Change To Survive And Profit From The Great Recession With Forrest Odendhal (Ep 159)

Rentals From The Tenants Point Of View – An Interview With Two Tenants (Ep 158)

Bonus: How To Finance Rentals (With A Case Study) With lender Caeli Ridge

How Rentals Helped Them Semi-Retire With Kenji Askura & Letizia Alto (Ep 157)

How He’s Getting Guaranteed Rent By Helping Homeless Military Vets With Kirby Atwell (Ep 156)

April 2018

Top 4 Markets For Rental Cash Flow With Marco Santarelli (Ep 155)

How He Bounced Back Into Rentals After Foreclosure With Mike Grams (Ep 154)

A New Investor Just Closed On His First Property And Has Questions With John Dean (Ep 153)

How He Went From Massive Debt To Multiple Houses Paid Off With Jesse Wright (Ep 152)

How Rentals Replaced Half Their Income With Rob and Megan (Ep 151)

March 2018

How Flipping Houses Made Him A Better Rental Investor With Bob Warburton (Ep 150)

Dan Needs Help With 2 Issues He’s Having With His Rentals With Linda Liberatore (Ep 149)

Self Managing A Rental Portfolio While Working Full Time With Chris Cucchiara (Ep 148)

How A Few Rentals Helped Her Support Her Family After Her Husband Died With Felicia Coker (Ep 147)

February 2018

Investing Out Of State: How To Build A Team With David Greene (Episode 146)

Dave Ramsey Inspired Him To Pay Off His Rentals With Hiron Fernando (Ep 145)

How He Used The BRRRR Strategy To Build His Portfolio With Chase Marberry (Ep 144)

Tips For Networking, Financing, BRRR, And Out Of Town Investing With Mark Owens (Ep 143)

January 2018

Why I Had To Fire My Property Manager With Rob Drum (Ep 142)

Why He Sold His Rentals And Bought In Another Neighborhood With Adam Ailion (Ep 141)

How She Slowly Built Her Portfolio While Working Full Time With Dana Bull (Ep 140)

How Trump’s Tax Reform Affects Real Estate With CPA Sean McNamara (Ep 139)

December 2017

A 3 Unit House Allowed Her To Quit Her Job And Follow Her Passion With Alec Sabina and Angela Ferrari (Ep 138)

How A Community Bank Helped Him Find And Finance Rentals With Marcus Maloney (Ep 137)

November 2017

How He Finds The Best Tenants With Andrew Schultz (Ep 136)

How He Retired Off Rentals At 41 With Fleming Schutrumpf (Ep 135)

Buying Her First Rental With Amy Lyen (Ep 134)

How He Timed The Market Perfectly With Nabeel Mahmud (Ep 133)

October 2017

How His Rentals Enabled Him To Go Part-Time At His Job With Mike Moreno (Ep 132)

How He Makes $1,800/Month On A House Hack With Wilson Lee (Ep 131)

A Rental Portfolio That Takes ZERO Time To Manage With Paul Morris (Ep 130)

How She Self Manages Her Rentals From 3,000 Miles Away With Kathy Proff (Ep 129)

How He Used A “Snowball” To Build His Portfolio Without Mortgages With Scott Strong (Ep 128)

September 2017

Building A Rental Portfolio As A Retirement Plan With Drew Eldridge (Ep 127)

How Community Banks Can Help Grow Your Portfolio With Elliott Kuelz (Ep 126)

How He Raises Money (Without Banks) To Buy Rentals With Paul Thompson (Ep 125)

How A New Investor Bought His First 3 Rentals With Kevin Wood (Ep 124)

August 2017

What He Learned From Owning A Duplex For 16 Years With Nick (Ep 123)

How He’s Finding 1% Rule Deals In An Expensive Market With Rich Levine (Ep 122)

How They Built A Portfolio That Pays Them $35,000/Year With Joe and Ann Francis Budz (Ep 121)

He Was Scared To Buy Rentals, But He Didn’t Let That Stop Him With Mitch Jaworski (Ep 120)

July 2017

How He Built Wealth With Appreciation On Rentals With Tim Shiner (Ep 119)

How He Built Wealth With Cash Flowing Rentals With Mark Owens (Ep 118)

How Rental Owners Can Save Money On Taxes With CPA Craig Cody (Ep 117)

Not Being A Slumlord with Low Priced Rentals With Jay Allen (Ep 116)

How Luck Provides Him Stable Rental Income With Graham Stephan (Ep 115)

June 2017

Should I Rent To Tenants with Pets? 2 Landlords Debate (Ep 114)

How Buying Rentals Saved Him From Bankruptcy With Aqil Dhramsey (Ep 113)

How Much Money Can You Make With Low Income Rentals? With JC Freeman (Ep 112)

4 Things He Did To Become A Millionaire Landlord With Joe Pryor (Ep 111)

May 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Tenant Screening With Steve White & Eric Worral (Ep 110)

Is It Really Possible to Quit Your Job And Live Off Rental Income? With Brit Vitalius (Ep 109)

What She Learned From Her First Eviction With Becky Tran (Ep 108)

How He’s Making $1,200/Month On His First Rental With Josh Beausol (Ep 105)

His Simple Formula To Quickly Pay Off His Rentals With Andrew Holmes (Ep 106)

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