He Moved To A New City To Buy Rentals With Pete Barrow (Ep 179)

A Newer Landlord Getting Off To A Great Start With Ben Mizes (Ep 178)

How He Built A Large Portfolio In Just 3 Years (While Working FT) With Ian Reeves (Ep 177)

He Got Laid Off And Realized It's Dangerous Having Only One Source Of Income With Andrew Petroline (Ep 176)

Buying Rentals Without Banks & His Tenant Stopped Paying Rent With Cristhian Huamani (Ep 175)

How A House Hack Snowballed Into Tons Of Cash Flow And Equity With Theo Jones (Ep 174)

He Might Lose His Pension, So He Created His Own With Rentals With Ian Horowitz (Ep 173)

The Worst Case Scenario Happened To His Rentals, And He Survived With Jason Downing (Ep 172)

He Bought Rentals To Pay His Student Loans With Mike O'Dell (Ep 171)

Building A Rental Portfolio With Creative Financing With Austin Miller (Ep 170)

He Retired Off Rental Income With Cory Fawcett (Ep 169)

He Made A Few Mistakes And Lost Thousands Of Dollars With HIs Rental With Jason Bangerter (Ep 168)

The Big Mistake Landlords Make When They Self-Manage With Rick Sein (Ep 167)

How He Found Profitable Rentals Living In An Expensive Market with Chris Ressa (Ep 166)

How A New Investor Got His First Deal With Jerry Ellis (Ep 165)

How He Bought 7 Properties In His First Year (With Just A Little Money) With Will Mitchell (Ep 164)

The “Great Deal” She Found Was A Former Meth House With Margaret (Ep 163)

His Tenants Sued Him, But He Still Loves Rentals With Jaspreet Singh (Ep 162)

How He Got Started With No Money Or Credit With Troy Gandee (Ep 161)'

How They Remotely Manage Rentals In Canada While Living In The US With Cliff And Minna (Ep 160)

Bonus: What You Need To Know About Landlord Insurance With Shawn Woedl

He Made One Huge Change To Survive And Profit From The Great Recession With Forrest Odendhal (Ep 159)

Rentals From The Tenants Point Of View – An Interview With Two Tenants (Ep 158)

Bonus: How To Finance Rentals (With A Case Study) With lender Caeli Ridge

How Rentals Helped Them Semi-Retire With Kenji Askura & Letizia Alto (Ep 157)

How He's Getting Guaranteed Rent By Helping Homeless Military Vets With Kirby Atwell (Ep 156)

Top 4 Markets For Rental Cash Flow With Marco Santarelli (Ep 155)

How He Bounced Back Into Rentals After Foreclosure With Mike Grams (Ep 154)

A New Investor Just Closed On His First Property And Has Questions With John Dean (Ep 153)

How He Went From Massive Debt To Multiple Houses Paid Off With Jesse Wright (Ep 152)

How Rentals Replaced Half Their Income With Rob and Megan (Ep 151)

How Flipping Houses Made Him A Better Rental Investor With Bob Warburton (Ep 150)

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