Welcome to the Rental Income Podcast Resources Page, which contains a list of the best tools and services I recommend for building and optimizing your rental business.

I have tested or used EVERY resource on this page. Many of them are absolutely VITAL to the success of my rentals and will have HUGE impacts on yours as well.

NOTE*** Some of the content on this page does contain affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase a product, at no additional cost to you.  I do this to help finance the free content that I publish on my website, so I appreciate your support. 

Please know that I ONLY recommend products that I can stand behind 100%.


RentalHero was designed for landlords to easily track income and expenses online. It's really simple to input your rental income and expenses. It makes tax time really simple. You can easily run a report to give to your CPA, and you are done. (They are currently offering a free 30-day trial, with no credit card required.)\


RentFax is a tool that estimates the amount a property will rent for using real-time rent and tenancy data. The report also gives a grade for the neighborhood by factoring demographics, neighborhood economics, schools, crime, and other location-based factors. If you are buying properties out of town, or you aren't 100% sure about the neighborhood, you can easily run a free RentFax report to get the information you need. It's also a great idea to run a new report at every turnover, to make sure you are getting the maximum rent.

REI Guard

REI Guard provides insurance for real estate investors. I have found most of the big, big brand name insurance companies don't always understand the needs of investors. REI Guard only works with investors for rental properties, flips, and vacant properties. They have very reasonable rates, and really good customer service. I have been really happy with their service.\


Cozy is a free way to market your rentals and collect online payments. Your tenants can pay rent online and the money gets deposited directly to your bank account with no service charge. You can also screen your tenants for a small fee (that is charged to the applicant, not you.)


RocketLawyer is my goto source for any legal docs I need. They have every form that a landlord could need including leases for all 50 states, eviction notices, and rental applications. You can also speak to an attorney if you have a legal question. All of their forms are super easy to customize. I love them!


Rentometer is a great free tool to get a rent estimate for a property. You just enter the property address and some basic info and rent-o-meter will give you an estimate for what a property will rent for.

Ridge Lending

Ridge Lending specializes in making mortgages for rental properties. Owner Caeli Ridge is an investor herself and will spend time with you to make sure that you get the best rates and have the best financing in place for your situation.


It is vital to track your income and expenses as an investor and as a small business owner. Freshbooks makes it really simple to keep track of everything for tax time. They even have an app where you can take pics of your receipts, and file it away.


Buildium makes managing your rentals a breeze. Their online portal allows you to manage maintenance requests, accept online payments, and store leases online.

My Company Works

Setting up and maintaining an LLC can be tricky. My Company Works makes it really simple. You just give them your information and they take care of all of the paperwork and send you all the documents that you need.

Norada Real Estate

If you are busy, and don't want to take the time to find, rehab, and put tenants in place yourself, Norada Real Estate can take care of everything for you. They operate in several cash flowing markets and will match you up with a great property without you having to do any work yourself.