Eric shares how he has figured out how to make the self-management of his rentals easy. He talks about how he has automated some tasks while enlisting his tenants to help him with other tasks.

We talk about how he pays his tenants to help him, and how he has brought his vacancy down to pretty close to zero.

Eric also shares how good communication and working with tenants help him thrive with his rentals in a state that can be pretty landlord unfriendly.

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Hudson Valley Real Estate Meetup Group

Eric’s Pre-Screening Questions:

1.) How is your credit: Good, not so good, or excellent?

2.) Any felonies?

3.) Any bankruptcies?

4.) Are you a smoker?

5.) What is your monthly or yearly income?

6.) Do you have any pets?

7.) Are you currently in a lease?

8.) How many people are moving in?

9.) How many vehicles?

10.) When are you looking to move?

These are not make or break questions, but they give Eric a pretty good idea.

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